Yin : Ourain Yoga Mat
Yin : Ourain Yoga Mat

Yin : Ourain Yoga Mat

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Inspired by the ancient symbol of harmony and the timeless design of Moroccan textiles, Yin reminds us that life is a balancing act, only fulfilled when we embrace its dualities.

Adding inspiration, warmth and beauty to your yoga practice while cultivating awareness over the usage of harmful plastics and PVC and their impact on the planet.

Featuring a non-slip microfibre surface designed to grip with moisture, bonded to a super dense black natural rubber base to keep you supported during all types of yoga and floor based pilates.

No harsh chemicals, no plastic, no PVC, TPE and no silicones or phthalates.

100% biodegradable and naturally anti-microbial.

Carry strap included.


Width 63cm • Height 177cm • Thickness 3mm

Cleaning Instructions:

We suggest popping your new microfibre yoga mat straight into the washing machine prior to use. 

For daily cleaning, wipe down with a water-based solution following practice, and pop in the washing machine every few weeks depending on the frequency of use.